1. To become the living pulse of UiTM (Perak) in cultivating superior, pious, committed and competitive professional graduates.
  2. To coordinate academic programs and students enrolment in alignment with the development of the campus.
  3. To provide and maintain the latest academic infrastructure, facilities and teaching and learning equipment for the excellence and academic integrity.
  4. To establish an efficient and effective academic management system to ensure academic programs run smoothly.
  5. To prepare conducive infrastructure to promote research activities and community service amongst the academic staff.

Customer Charter

We pledge to provide effective, efficient and punctual services in a welcoming manner towards our students, parents, future employers and customers.

Bahagian HEA UiTM (Perak) Performance Indicators

A. Management and learning service

  1. To process the application of campus change in 3 working days
  2. To ensure a regimented execution of academic regulation procedures
  3. To produce final examination time table within 7 days before the examination starts
  4. To generate student confirmation letter in 1 working day
  5. To take down expired notices within 1 day after the notice had expired

B. Management and learning service

  1. To prepare lecture rooms before the first day of the semester
  2. To provide lecture time table before course registration starts
  3. To equip lecture rooms with teaching aids
  4. To ensure workshops and its’ equipment are in good shape, suitable and in sufficient numbers

C. Friendly service

  1. To provide an efficient and friendly services to customers
  2. To manage lecturer claim within 3 working days
  3. To produce part time lecturing offer letters before the semester starts