Department of law UiTM (Perak) Campus Tapah served to Faculty of Accountancy in order to fulfill the aim of the University. We have four (4) lecturers in the Department of Law UiTM (Perak) Campus Tapah.

Our lecturers provide knowledge and teach accounting students for Code LAW240 (Introduction to Commercial Law)- Part III and Code LAW346 (Introduction to Partnership & Company Law)- Part IV.

Puan Noor Jahan Binti Mohamed Ali who is the coordinator for law department is responsible to ensure that all the functions of Department of law (Tapah) runs smoothly. Others three (3) lecturers of Law Department are Puan Farihana Binti Abdul Razak, Puan Titek Sobah Binti Suyub and Puan Afidah Binti Osoman.



  • To run programme for the Bumiputera professional graduates who are exemplary, competitive, ethical and global through process of an effective teaching and study methods of high quality.
  • To ensure that the academic staff are qualified, experienced and of high caliber.
  • The creation of multidisciplined centres of specialization and professionalism in Law.
  • The enhancement of research, writing and publication activities to enrich professionalism in knowledge.
  • To provide referential services and consultation based on professional ethics and virtuos values.

The establishment of a faculty that excels, and of world status in educational, training and research leadership in law.