1. To provide qualified UiTM staff based on effective service schemes

  2. To enhance competency  among UiTM staff through training and human resource development programmes

  3. To manage the affairs and services of UiTM staff in accordance with the policies and rules of UiTM and government of Malaysia

  4. To maintain accurate and updated records of UiTM's students and graduates

  5. To maintain efficiently UiTM's records for easy reference

  6. To provide customer friendly support services to UiTM Shah Alam





  1. Provides a quality of academic programs by ensuring the latest curriculum thru outcomes based learning (OBE) to students

  2. Prepares infrastructure based on current standards to student's

  3. Ensures guarantee to students welfare and safety

  4. Offers qualified, proficient, expertise and integrity staffs in various concerns
  5. Produces graduates who are knowledgeable, skillful, beneficent and professional in order to meet the needs of employers / industries