• To implement systematic and continuous security control.
  • To enforce laws and regulations responsibly and proactively against the community of the university.
  • To provide efficient and effective security management services.
  • To manage the Auxiliary Police to become a professional organization with integrity and accountability.




We are committed that we will strive to provide the highest quality of security service by ensuring that the clients will receive friendly, efficient and effective assistance.


Services Offered

Duration of Processing

1. Campus security control

24 hours daily

2. Security patrols at the Check Points 

3 times per shift

3. Control of traffic and parking

During office hours

4. V.I.P escorts in campus

When needed

5. Preparing reports of internal investigations

7 days after complaints

6. Preparing and putting up mobile signage

A day before the event

7. Initial assistance to the scene in the event of emergency situations on campus

15 minutes

Counter Service


Summon Payment process

5 minutes

Processing the application for Vehicle Stickers

2 minutes

Processing the application for Temporary Student Card

5 minutes

Receiving and Processing Safety Report

5 minutes

Processing and issuing Visitor Passes

1 minute

Processing the application for Security Pass

3 days