a ) Cash / Revenue Collection

1. Collect revenue from the rental of space / facilities and equipment
2. Manage cash flow
3. Prepare and update Accounts Receivable sub-ledger
4. Deposit cash in hand into bank accounts on the following working day
5. Prepare Daily Collection Report
6. Issue Bills for collection
7. Prepare revenue collection account schedule
8. Receive cash / cheque at Bursar’s Office counter

b ) Disbursement Unit

1. Implement cost savings measures
2. Process disbursements to suppliers 
3. Process disbursements to employees - Payroll, EPF, overtime, travelling claim
4. Process disbursements for utilities used 
5. Petty cash reimbursements
6. Monitor and process disbursements for the use of franking machine


1. Prepare biennially UiTM Operating Budget:

     i . Apply for funds based on existing policies
    ii . Apply for funds based on new policies
    iii . Apply funds for one-off programmes
    iv . Programme Agreement

2. Distribute annual allocation 
3. Apply additional allocation
4. Virement (transfer of allocation)
5. Supplementary
6. Process Form PB 3/80. Prepare Monthly Report
8. Establish new fund
9. Establish new project
10. Add and reduce project allocation
11. Project closure
12. Monthly Report



1. Prepare Annual Financial Statements
2. Prepare quarterly interim financial statements
3. Prepare Trial Balance
4. Prepare bank reconciliation statements
5. Maintain General Ledger
6. Prepare registers / schedules
7. Prepare JV, JP and JT
8. Maintain financial documents
9. Prepare Fixed Assets Summary
10. Process disposal of documents


1. Process students’ registration
2. Update student records in ISIS
3. Process students’ fee refund
4. Process academic visit
5. Update register for students’ fines on disciplinary cases
6. Process disbursement of the scholarship / students’ loan



a ) Property Management Unit

1. Prepare Fixed Assets Register
2. Prepare Fixed Assets Registration Card
3. Prepare Fixed Assets Schedule
4. Verify Assets
5. Prepare Inventory Register
6. Label inventory
7. Process disposal of equipment / goods
8. Check inventory

b ) Store Management Unit

1. Issue stock requested
2. Receive stock ordered
3. Maintain Ledger Card / Bin Card
4. Process Application Form


1. Register supplier
2. Obtain approval for procurement
3. Sell tender / quotation documents
4. Prepare paperwork
5. Prepare offer letter
6. Prepare Purchase Requisition
7. Prepare Local Order
8. Record confirmed receipt of goods 
9. Record official and retail quotations
10. Prepare deposit register
11. Refund contract deposit 
12. Appoint Board Tender Committee members A, B, C, D 
13. Financial and Procurement Committee