Introduction of Faculty


Faculty of Applied Science exists at Universiti Teknologi MARA (Perak) in May 2014 commencing at Tapah campus. For a beginning, there is only one program offered which is Diploma of Science (AS120), with the first batch consists of 402 students from Part 02, 03, 04 and 05. Academic staff, meanwhile, consists of those from various fields covering Physics, Chemistry and Biology with a total of 28 lecturers. The Faculty is also assisted by the Science Laboratory Unit which consists of three laboratory assistants and two assistant Science officers.

Tapah campus was built through the Private Financing Scheme (PFI) which houses two building blocks for the teaching and learning facilities of the Diploma in Science program. These facilities comprise of 28 lecture rooms, four seminar rooms, two discussion rooms and four computer labs. For the purpose of practical sessions involving the core subjects of the Diploma Science program, there are 10 Physics laboratories, seven Chemical laboratories and eight Biology laboratories provided.

Starting from the semester of December to April 2015, Faculty of Applied Science has grown with a total of 1,187 students involving all parts, namely Part 01 until Part 06. Along with the increase in the number of students, faculty staff number has also increased to 62 lecturers and 10 staff for the Science Laboratory Unit. All Science laboratories have begun to receive tools and equipment for teaching and learning needs. By mid-2015, Diploma of Science classes are fully operational at Tapah Campus.