ASET (Applied Sciences Tapah) is an association under the patronages of the Faculty of Applied Sciences (FSG). ASET was established in June 2014 and the purpose of setting up is to take care of the welfare of FSG students in terms of academic and co-curricular. Now, the pillars of ASET leadership are under the supervision of Mr. Muhammad Shaffiq Bin Zainal Osman Shah and Miss Nur Nadirah Binti Rodzali.


                                                                               Pillars of ASeT leadership:


                                  En Muhammad Shaffiq Zainal Osman Shah                Cik Nur Nadhirah Rodzali


Among the programs that ASET has organized are:

Mahasiswa Bersama Masyarakat Felda | Felda Gunung Besout II, Sungkai, Perak, 13 – 15 Jan 2017


‘Mahasiswa Bersama Masyarakat Felda’ Program is a successful community service operation (OPKIM) program in Felda Gunung Besout II, Sungkai, Perak. The main objective of the program is to strengthen the quality of leadership among the Faculty of Applied Science students and to build a brotherhood relationship with the Felda community. A total of 45 students and 10 lecturers participated in this program. This program lasts for three days where students lived in 16 adopted-families’ homes.



In addition, students have served the Felda community by holding a ‘gotong-royong’ and conducting a preparatory clinic for Felda Besout II children who will sit for the Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) exam especially for Science and English subjects. The camarederie between students and residents of Felda Besout II has also been reinforced by the successfully-organized sports events such as badminton and ‘galah panjang’ (Runner and Tagger).





Deputy Rector of Student Affairs (TRHEP) of UiTM Perak Branch, Sr. Dr. Mohd Azian Zaidi attended the closing ceremony of the program, delivering closing speech as well as giving some donations and souvenirs from the UiTM Branch to the Felda families who involved in this program besides to the representatives of Felda Besout II.





Applied Science Students Day (ASeSDA) | UiTM Perak Branch Tapah Campus, 8 Jan 2017


Applied Science Students’ Day (ASeSDA) was a program conducted to introduce Tapah Applied Science Association (ASET) to FSG students. This program provided an opportunity to ASET members and FSG students to better understand each other. The program involved almost 450 students and was held throughout the day with telematch games in the morning and traditional games competition such as jump rope and tug of war.

In the evening, for the program closing ceremony, sketch and singing competition were held for Part 01 and Part 02 students. This activity can help students to improve their communication skills while fostering teamwork among them. Dr. Suhaidi Ariffin, the coordinator of Research, Industry Community & Alumni Network of Faculty of Applied Science, has been present at the ASeSDA Closing Ceremony as an invited jury prior to presenting the prizes to the winners.