Main Functions of Academic Affairs Office, UiTM (Perak):

  • Managing students’ enrolments
  • Managing examination affairs
  • Managing lecture schedules
  • Managing students’ records
  • Managing intake of part-time lecturers
  • Managing lecturers’ necessities and lecture room/studio/workshop

Academic Affairs Office, UiTM (Perak) also provides the following services:

  • Claims for part-time lecturing
  • Lecturers reporting for duty
  • Lecturers’ basic necessities in lecture room
  • Management of students’ record
  • Non-present students’ report
  • Students’ registration
  • Courses registration
  • Application of credit exemption
  • Application of addition / removal of courses
  • Application of appeal to continue study
  • Application of review for final examination result
  • Application of special leave
  • Students’ clearance
  • Application of campus exchange
  • Application of course exchange
  • Preparation of students’ confirmation letter
  • Management of examinations


Process Duration

Application of Mini Transcript

Confirmation Letter

Student Clearance

Lecturer Necessities for Lecture

Submission of Lecturing Claim Form

Process of Lecturing Claim Form

Student Special Leave

Application of Credit Exemption

10 minutes

15 minutes

5 minutes

5 minutes

10 minutes

4 minutes

2 working days

7 working days after meeting